Have you ever noticed you get what you expect? 

The other day I had seen this rug online and decided I would love it on the porch of our new home. I went to the store and saw LOTS of rugs. There were cute rugs and funny rugs but not the one I wanted. I looked everywhere and couldn’t find it.

I asked a nice worker to see if they could check as I described it to him. He had checked almost all of them and I just kept thinking “they are going to have the one.” Then.. he pulled one out.. this one? Yes!!

I wanted it to be there, I expected it to be there, and it was there in stock. Of course it was! I know that a rug isn’t a big deal but I love little moments when I realize my growth of looking for the positive over the negative. I haven’t always been this way. 

Are you expecting what you want? Try it!