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I’m Samantha, a mom passionate about living a life of purpose and encouraging others to do the same through physical, mental, and emotional growth. I love helping others live happy and healthy lives from the inside out.

As an author, speaker, and mentor, I use the lessons learned from my family’s journey to inspire people to keep their faith during hard times.

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Joint health


Weight management


Gut health


Anti-aging skincare


Non-toxic household essentials


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Clinically-proven results

I love sharing our family’s journey with these life-changing products. Check out some of our results…

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An opportunity to work from home!

Are you looking to make some income from home? Have you ever told a friend about something you recommended and maybe even shared a link with them for a discount? This is social retail! The structure of social retail is different than anything else. There are no business fees, no requirement to build a team, and the training and systems in place are incredible. Whether you have experience in network marketing or not, I’d love to chat with you about this amazing opportunity and see if it is a good fit for you!

If you are ready to get started, you can join here and I will be in touch. I’m excited to be on this journey together helping others!

Author. Speaker. Mentor.

Samantha Melaney

Listen to my story

I had the pleasure to share my story on the podcast Making Lemonade with Whit + Kels. You can listen to the episode here.

Facing adversity

Karen Wright invited me to talks about Facing Any Challenge with Courage on the New Woman Ignite podcast. Listen here.
Episode 148 The Day the World Shattered

Ready to Rise

“Life gets expensive in emergencies”. This is a tear jerker you guys. The stress adds up when your child has an emergency.   Listen here.

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LiveReal is Now Available in Audiobook!

Read by the author, Samantha Melaney.

LiveReal Mom Meet Up

Motherhood is the best title but also can be really hard. As we support and help each other on the journey we can all feel empowered and strengthed. Join us on Zoom from anywhere for:

  • Community
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  • Be Uplifted
  • Help Others
  • Laugh & Cry

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