I don’t know about you but I feel like I’ve been hearing about collagen everywhere and didn’t really understand the hype. I’d even tried a few different sources and didn’t really notice much difference. I had heard of one with amazing results and although I thought I didn’t need it. I decided to give it a try. l since I had heard it could help with skin and nails, hair growth, and joint pain.
These are my own 1-month results. Personally, I’ve noticed less wrinkles, smaller pores, tighter skin, no more knee pain, less acne on my shoulders (something that I’ve been self-conscious of for years) and can I say I just feel more beautiful? I also love that it tastes good too cause if not, I might not stick with it. Did you know that everyone starts losing collagen in their 20s? So if you want to keep your collagen levels up – you need to supplement. Problem is – collagen has a hard time getting absorbed into the body (powdered collagen only gets absorbed at about 30%). I chose this collagen matrix because it gets absorbed at about 90% – like a sponge into the body AND it increases collagen AND your hyaluronic acid (wrinkle filler). I’d love to help you feel beautiful too.